StoryFest 2021 - ReStory 1: Celebrating the Feminine in Folklore

ReStory 1: Celebrating the Feminine in Folklore
The Singapore Showcase (6 stories)
Date: Sunday, 20th June 2021 - Sunday, 11th July 2021
Ticket: SGD $15
Platform: Online

Some Mature Content
Adult participants above 18 years

ReStory: Celebrating the Feminine in Folklore

The Singapore Showcase

In celebration of our fifth anniversary, we honour the extraordinary stories of women. Women who are silenced when they choose to honour their roots. Women who use their wits against those who feel entitled to their beauty. Women who uplift their sisters. Women who give men strength. Women who betray their own. Women who are painted as villains, even as their aggressors leave with sympathy.

While we have come a long way, these narratives remain all too familiar today. Through these stories, revisit female archetypes from mythology who reveled in their own skins and manifested power, even when the odds were stacked against them.

Experience the different forms each story can take. ReStory 1 and ReStory 2 features 6 unique stories of betrayal, strength, and more performed by oral storytellers, spoken word artists, dancers, writers, and poets.

Enjoy the stories from 20 June – 11 July as Videos On Demand.


Vengeance is Mine (Singapore)
Verena Tay

When a village girl announces that she is carrying his child, the young Datuk who had promised her the world abandons her. The girl, who transforms into a Pontianak after dying during childbirth, waits patiently to get even. Adapted from Malay folklore, Verena retells her chilling revenge story ‘Broken’ from Spectre: Stories from Dark to Light.

Includes the Malaysian and Indonesian folk song: ‘Burung Kakak Tua’

Amrita’s Tree (India)
Mindy Neo

Before ‘sustainability’ became a buzzword, Amrita Devi sacrificed her life in 1730 to prevent the destruction of Khejri trees. She believed in the sacred tree and in protecting nature. Her actions sparked a movement that led 363 Bishnoi people to do the same. They are considered to be India’s first environmentalists and their beliefs that continue to inspire the country.

The Golden Lotus (China)
Dawn Lau

All Pan Jinlian ever wanted a better life for herself. Driven solely by this goal, she turns from devoted daughter to adulteress, using the most powerful tool she had – her beauty. Examine the life of one of the most notorious femme fatales in classic Chinese literature in this tale rife with betrayal and seduction.

Savitri: The Woman Who Walked With Death (India)
Akshita Nanda

How far would you go to save the person you love? Princess Savitri marries the dispossessed prince Satyavan despite knowing that he only has a year to live. When Yama, the God of Death, claims her husband, she refuses to accept his fate. Find out how she charms Yama into reviving her fallen husband in a retelling of the legendary couple’s timeless story.

From Dirt to Dust (India)
Soumee De

Get a peek into how the universe emerged from darkness through the eyes of Kali, the goddess from Indian mythology who governs time, death, and change. In this retelling accompanied by live beats from the dhak, the goddess Kali transforms fears and embraces freedom, if only for a moment, before life emerges from the dirt and concludes in the dust.

The Angel’s Dream (Singapore)
Cyril Wong

An angel once had a strange dream. In it she saw a row of oddly dressed people, sitting inside a train. Out the window lay a realm where nobody grew old and everyone would play, make love, then sleep and enter dreams about strange, alternate worlds. Experience this tale from Let Me Tell You Something About That Night as it is told and sung.

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Presented by The Storytelling Centre Limited and The Arts House
With the support of the National Arts Council Singapore
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Jun 20 - Jul 11, 2021
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